March 22, 2017 Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Health Care

Posted on 3:39 pm in Healthcare.

New technology continues to achieve its promise of bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to health care. Some of the recent innovations impacting health care delivery and outcomes include:[1] The internet of things – Wireless sensors linked by the internet of things can enable better monitoring of inpatients and remote management of chronic conditions. The internet … Continue reading “Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Health Care”

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Posted on 10:51 pm in Small Business.

Marketing isn’t always just about acquiring new customers. For many businesses, it’s just as important to focus on selling additional products or services to existing customers. Here are some thoughts on what your existing customers want, and how you can respond in ways that will strengthen your relationships with them. Customers want to feel their … Continue reading “Building Stronger Customer Relationships”

Municipal Surveillance Systems Expanding

Posted on 10:18 pm in Security & Surveillance.

As cities and nations around the world begin to test the “smart city” concept, demand for municipal video surveillance systems is expected to grow. A smart city is an urban development model that securely integrates several information and communication technologies and the internet of things to manage a city’s assets, including city government and its … Continue reading “Municipal Surveillance Systems Expanding”

Intelligent Apps Take Center Stage

Posted on 9:18 pm in Information Technology.

Mobile apps help consumers obtain news and information quickly, make purchases, download music and interact with companies directly. Now such apps are being developed to help businesses revolutionize workplace functions and improve productivity. Smartphones are the devices of choice for most Americans who spend nearly four hours a day on their phones.[1] Marketing research firm … Continue reading “Intelligent Apps Take Center Stage”

February 14, 2017 Is Telemedicine Ready to Take Off?

Posted on 4:52 pm in Healthcare.

For more than four decades,[1] telemedicine has enabled patients in remote areas to obtain care from doctors and specialists. Many healthcare systems recently have made significant investments in telemedicine technology as they strive to extend care to underserved populations, improve healthcare delivery, increase capacity and reduce costs. Lack of access to a doctor is evident … Continue reading “Is Telemedicine Ready to Take Off?”

Meal Kits Go Mainstream

Posted on 7:01 pm in Food Service.

Meal kit services have grown substantially in recent years in large urban areas. These kits contain pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-washed ingredients with easy recipes buyers can cook at home. U.S. sales for meal kit delivery services were estimated at $1.5 billion in 2016, and the segment is expected to grow into a multibillion-dollar market by … Continue reading “Meal Kits Go Mainstream”