December 15, 2016 Keeping Your Disaster Recovery Plan Current

Posted on 10:01 pm in Information Technology.

With hurricanes, floods, fires and other weather-related events increasing in frequency and severity, it’s now more important than ever for companies to keep their disaster recovery plans current. A well-designed plan for business continuity and disaster recovery enables a company to react quickly to unexpected events and perhaps lessen the impact on business operations. Business … Continue reading “Keeping Your Disaster Recovery Plan Current”

Trending on Thursday: Tips for Targeting Millennials

Posted on 2:17 pm in Small Business, Trending On Thursday.

These days, most small businesses are trying to figure out how to get millennials in their door or to their website. It’s the coveted audience that already outnumbers baby boomers and does the majority of online shopping. To help you target this segment, this week’s Trending on Thursday has great tips for making your small … Continue reading “Trending on Thursday: Tips for Targeting Millennials”

December 7, 2016 Trending on Thursday: Holiday Survival Guide

Posted on 3:11 pm in Small Business, Trending On Thursday.

We’re in the thick of the holiday season now and small business owners everywhere are doing their best to make sure both their shoppers and their own families are happy. To help you manage this balance, this week’s Trending on Thursday has a step-by-step holiday survival guide. We also provide tips for leveraging mobile this … Continue reading “Trending on Thursday: Holiday Survival Guide”

What’s the Buzz on Medical Wearables?

Posted on 3:09 pm in Healthcare.

The demand for wearable medical devices is taking off with the availability of sophisticated technology and big data analytics. These developments, combined with the need for a cost-effective way to monitor patients’ vital signs on an ongoing basis, are driving this area of medical technology. FitBit and Apple Watch first drew consumer attention for fitness … Continue reading “What’s the Buzz on Medical Wearables?”

Can I Pay With My Phone?

Posted on 12:13 am in Food Service.

  If you haven’t heard that question from customers yet, you will — and soon. Mobile wallet payments are beginning to catch on, first with millennials and now more broadly with all consumers. The volume of U.S. in-store mobile payments is expected to reach $75 billion in 2016 and jump to $503 billion by 2020.[1] … Continue reading “Can I Pay With My Phone?”

December 1, 2016 Key to a Successful Public Relations Campaign: the News Release

Posted on 2:44 pm in Small Business.

Generally there are two ways to get favorable exposure in the media: ▪ Advertise: Buy space to deliver the message you want. ▪ Public relations: Take advantage of the press’s need for content by becoming the story. Advertising allows you to control what is printed, but it can be expensive and readers may view advertisements … Continue reading “Key to a Successful Public Relations Campaign: the News Release”

Developing a Business Plan

Posted on 2:40 pm in Small Business.

Entrepreneurs often spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours thinking about and planning for a new business. If they are wise, they also go through the formal exercise of developing a business plan, which can produce several important benefits: 1. A business plan will be an essential part of any request for financing. A well-prepared … Continue reading “Developing a Business Plan”

Office Design and the Future of Work

Posted on 2:35 pm in Office Technology.

As the U.S. workforce undergoes dynamic changes, companies are adapting their office layouts to meet the demands and preferences of the next generation of employees. Advances in technology have enabled the workforce to “unplug” and become increasingly mobile, and new work patterns among “knowledge workers” are driving office design that enables more collaboration and interaction. … Continue reading “Office Design and the Future of Work”

Trending on Thursday: Small Business Saturday 2016 Was a Big Success!

Posted on 1:56 pm in Small Business, Trending On Thursday.

How was your Small Business Saturday? According to data released this week, Main Street did pretty darn well this year with a 13 percent increase in foot traffic to local businesses. We dive into why this day focused on small business owners is so important in this week’s Trending on Thursday, and provide tips for … Continue reading “Trending on Thursday: Small Business Saturday 2016 Was a Big Success!”