February 9, 2017 Buy-Sell Agreements Pave the Way for Orderly Changes in Ownership

Posted on 6:39 pm in Small Business.

Many businesses, especially partnerships and corporations with a small number of shareholders, use contractual arrangements to control what happens if one owner dies or for any other reason the owners wish to go separate ways. These arrangements are called “buy-sell agreements.” If your business has multiple owners, you may want to consult an attorney and … Continue reading “Buy-Sell Agreements Pave the Way for Orderly Changes in Ownership”

Employee Monitoring Software Can Enhance Performance

Posted on 6:29 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Companies have tracked employee activity since the days of punch clocks. Now, many companies are using employee monitoring software to improve efficiency and productivity and to ensure company resources and data are being used appropriately. A variety of software applications are available to examine employee activity, ranging from simple tools to track attendance to complex … Continue reading “Employee Monitoring Software Can Enhance Performance”

Time to Revisit the Open Office Concept?

Posted on 5:51 pm in Office Technology.

There’s a growing backlash against the open-plan office layout. This approach was intended to promote collaboration and teaming, but employees have long complained about noise, lack of privacy and constant distractions. Some experts now blame the open office environment for lower employee productivity, rising stress levels, decreased job satisfaction and reduced motivation.[1] Cost was a … Continue reading “Time to Revisit the Open Office Concept?”

January 16, 2017 Motivating Millenials

Posted on 3:31 pm in Whitepapers.

Millennials — they’re everywhere. As the dominance of the baby boomer generation wanes, millennials now set trends in American society. Born between 1981 and 1997 and 75 million strong,1 millennials are the largest generation living and working in the United States, and their impact as consumers and workers will drive the U.S. economy for several … Continue reading “Motivating Millenials”

Healthcare in the Age of Robotics

Posted on 1:59 pm in Healthcare.

Surgical robots have been used since the early 2000s, enabling surgeons to perform delicate work with greater precision, flexibility and improved reach. Today, medical robots are quickly moving into other areas of healthcare to achieve better patient healthcare outcomes, improve efficiency and lower cost. Because robots are ideal for repetitive tasks, their use in healthcare … Continue reading “Healthcare in the Age of Robotics”

Creative Ways to Keep Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated

Posted on 1:57 pm in Food Service.

Good staff is hard to find and even harder to retain in today’s competitive restaurant labor market, so making sure your employees are happy as well as productive is a top priority. San Francisco restaurateur Ryan Cole and his partners compete for workers against the cafeterias of high-tech companies such as Twitter, Uber and Dropbox. … Continue reading “Creative Ways to Keep Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated”

December 21, 2016 Take Stock of Your Business Insurance Needs

Posted on 6:40 pm in Small Business.

All businesses should review the following types of insurance to ensure they have the proper coverage to meet their needs: ▪ Health. Many businesses provide health insurance as part of their overall employee benefit program. The cost of health insurance continues to rise and you may want to consider having employees pay some part of … Continue reading “Take Stock of Your Business Insurance Needs”

Edge Analytics Improves Security

Posted on 6:32 pm in Security & Surveillance.

The high-quality, highly detailed video images produced by today’s security cameras produce vast amounts of data on a 24/7 basis. In some ways, this is too much of a good thing, as all this data requires extensive bandwidth and storage capabilities for accurate assessment and monitoring. The addition of “edge analytics” technology to video surveillance … Continue reading “Edge Analytics Improves Security”