December 19, 2017 Streamlining Your Insurance Coverage with a Business Owner’s Policy

Posted on 4:37 pm in Small Business.

Almost all small-business owners require several types of insurance to address specific risks. Companies with relatively straightforward needs may be able to save money and time by combining their insurance needs under a business owner’s policy (BOP). By providing a package of insurance coverage, a BOP can help business owners blend property and liability coverage … Continue reading “Streamlining Your Insurance Coverage with a Business Owner’s Policy”

Police Departments Seeking Registration of Private Surveillance Cameras

Posted on 4:32 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Violent crimes are increasing across the country, growing 4.1% in 2016 to 1.2 million incidents.[1] The number of property crimes exceeded 7.9 million in 2016 and victims of property crimes (excluding arson) experienced losses of $15.6 billion.[2] Police departments across the country are increasingly turning to homeowners and businesses to assist in crime investigations. They … Continue reading “Police Departments Seeking Registration of Private Surveillance Cameras”

Smaller Is Better in Retail

Posted on 4:06 pm in Franchise News.

Last fall’s Black Friday sales results demonstrated the growing domination of online retail. The Wall Street Journal reported consumer traffic in U.S. stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday declined 4% from the prior year, while online sales increased 18%.[1] Experts believe the retail industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation, as iconic brands such as Sears, … Continue reading “Smaller Is Better in Retail”

3-D Printing and Smartphone Technology Advance Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing

Posted on 4:00 pm in Healthcare.

Medical diagnostic testing is moving from the laboratory to the field with point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing. Health care workers are beginning to apply portable diagnostic tools using additive manufacturing processes — known as 3-D printing — and smartphone technology. POC diagnostic testing can be done at any location to quickly detect disease, determine its severity … Continue reading “3-D Printing and Smartphone Technology Advance Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing”

Digital Ordering Grows in Popularity

Posted on 3:55 pm in Food Service.

More restaurant chains and fast-casual eateries are investing heavily in digital technology for food ordering and delivery. Consumers like the convenience and speed of ordering and paying for meals using social, mobile and digital media. Many restaurants are shifting 30% to 90% of their marketing budgets to developing digital platforms.[1] They are less focused on … Continue reading “Digital Ordering Grows in Popularity”

November 30, 2017 Patient-Generated Health Data Drives Improved Health Care

Posted on 1:59 am in Healthcare.

The trend in patient-generated health data (PGHD) began decades ago with home blood pressure cuffs and specialty monitors to track heart activity, blood glucose levels and various health conditions. With the addition of fitness trackers and other wearable devices, PGHD is on the brink of driving improved outcomes and lowering the cost of health care … Continue reading “Patient-Generated Health Data Drives Improved Health Care”

November 16, 2017 Direct Selling Through Social Media Marketing

Posted on 4:15 pm in Small Business.

The proper use of social media tools can both drive direct sales and, more importantly, build and enhance long-term customer relationships. Here are some ways to make social media marketing work for your small business: ▪ Offer special coupons or discounts. Provide special offers to Facebook or Twitter followers. Not only will they be glad they … Continue reading “Direct Selling Through Social Media Marketing”