October 25, 2017 Innovation District Tests New Technology

Posted on 5:26 pm in Security & Surveillance.

The city of Las Vegas has created an Innovation District to test new technology for improved public works, better traffic management and enhanced security services. The city’s goal is to create an incubator for innovative systems, expand proven services citywide, and offer partner companies an incubator for new technology. The projects being tested aim to … Continue reading “Innovation District Tests New Technology”

How Local Can You Go?

Posted on 5:15 pm in Food Service.

The popularity of farmers’ markets and local produce is making an indelible impact on restaurant menus. Dishes made with locally sourced vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses and dairy products continue to inspire chefs and garner praise from customers and restaurant owners. Large food distributors transport fruits and vegetables 1,500 miles on average in the United States … Continue reading “How Local Can You Go?”

September 18, 2017 Building Business Through Events

Posted on 6:44 pm in Food Service.

Every restaurant and bar has slow times, but special events can fill gaps in business and increase revenue. Sports fans enjoy congregating to celebrate team victories, and customers and event planners are always looking for unique settings for special events, a memorable party celebration or a polished dinner meeting. Restaurant industry sales are expected to … Continue reading “Building Business Through Events”

Crowdsourcing Product Development

Posted on 6:42 pm in Franchise News.

Product developers are finding social media sites useful for conducting product research, design development and test marketing. Social media feedback helps refine and improve current products and often leads to ideas for the development of new offerings. Many consumers use social media to voice their opinions on the products and services they purchase. Beyond sharing … Continue reading “Crowdsourcing Product Development”

Telehealth Takes Off with Millennials

Posted on 6:39 pm in Healthcare.

Millennials are turning out to be the biggest proponents of telehealth services and mobile health applications. Telehealth services use technology such as computers and smartphone apps to connect physicians and healthcare providers with patients for diagnosis, referrals and treatment. At nearly 80 million strong and growing in numbers,[1] millennials are the largest generation living and … Continue reading “Telehealth Takes Off with Millennials”

IoT Drives Growth Strategies

Posted on 6:31 pm in Information Technology.

The internet of things (IoT) is melding technology into manufacturing processes and seamlessly linking businesses to consumers. This integrated network connects sensors and devices through the internet and enables spontaneous junctures for sharing data and applications, often without human intervention. Companies are taking note of the potential the IoT presents: 57% of global businesses have … Continue reading “IoT Drives Growth Strategies”

The ABCs of Today’s Workplace

Posted on 6:26 pm in Office Technology.

Trends affecting today’s workplace — such as automation, boomerang employees and contract workers — illustrate how companies are rethinking their work environments for greater connectivity, improved productivity and higher employee satisfaction. Automation For years, experts have predicted automation will dramatically change work processes, and now companies and employees are experiencing this trend firsthand. Many employees … Continue reading “The ABCs of Today’s Workplace”

Video and RFID Combine to Better Protect Retailers, Offer More Insights

Posted on 6:19 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Retailers are finding the combination of video surveillance and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology not only improves inventory protection but can provide insights into customer preferences and buying habits. RFID uses wireless radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. The tag contains a unique serial number and … Continue reading “Video and RFID Combine to Better Protect Retailers, Offer More Insights”