Preparing and Utilizing an Effective Cash Flow Statement

Posted on 10:04 pm in Small Business.

While an income statement can present a true picture of the operating results of your business, understanding what is happening with your cash flow is also critical and can help you with your day-to-day operations. Managing your business without adequate cash flow to meet operating needs and to take advantage of marketplace opportunities can hinder … Continue reading “Preparing and Utilizing an Effective Cash Flow Statement”

Ransomware Update: What Companies Need to Know

Posted on 10:01 pm in Security & Surveillance.

The WannaCry ransomware virus that in May spread globally to infect hundreds of thousands of computers is being called one of the most disruptive cyberattacks in history. Indeed, ransomware has become a major cybersecurity risk for businesses of all sizes. Customer information, employee and patient personal data, and company financial data all are at risk. … Continue reading “Ransomware Update: What Companies Need to Know”

Bringing Nature into the Office

Posted on 9:57 pm in Office Technology.

Many companies are beginning to incorporate biophilic design into the architecture and interior design of their offices. Biophilic design integrates natural elements such as plants, wood, stone and water into a setting to satisfy a deep human need for contact with nature.[1] Architects, facilities managers and company executives have recognized that interior design elements can … Continue reading “Bringing Nature into the Office”

Addressing the IT Talent Gap

Posted on 9:55 pm in Information Technology.

The war for talent is reaching peak pitch. Manpower Group’s 11th annual Talent Shortage Survey noted 40% of employers globally are having difficulty finding skilled workers, the highest level since 2007.[1] The survey found information technology (IT) positions are in very high demand, particularly for developers, programmers, database administrators, big data analysts and IT managers.[2] … Continue reading “Addressing the IT Talent Gap”

Robots Take On Restaurants

Posted on 9:52 pm in Food Service.

Rising labor costs, labor shortages and concerns over quality have motivated both technology companies and food entrepreneurs to get serious about robotics in food service. As automation quickly moves into the restaurant industry, robots are improving quality and production in the kitchen and helping with service at the front of the house. The following are … Continue reading “Robots Take On Restaurants”