Better Protection with Cloud Security

Posted on 7:12 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Initial apprehension about the safety of data and network security systems housed in the cloud has slowed the transition from in-house services. However, the trend is shifting, due in large part to the creation of new cloud-based security tools and significant investments made by leading providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google … Continue reading “Better Protection with Cloud Security”

Companies Expand Use of 3-D Printing

Posted on 6:50 pm in Information Technology.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3-D printing, has been used primarily by companies to create prototypes. The process enables product engineers and designers to tweak product models quickly, easily and affordably before entering into full production using traditional manufacturing methods. Currently, only .01% of manufacturing output is done using 3-D printing methods.[1] However, 3-D printing … Continue reading “Companies Expand Use of 3-D Printing”

Artificial Intelligence Meets Health Care

Posted on 6:31 pm in Healthcare.

The availability of vast amounts of health care data is driving the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications that promise to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. AI health care applications are using data mining, machine learning and data analytics processes to assist doctors and health care providers in faster, more precise diagnosis … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence Meets Health Care”

A New Twist on 3-D Printing

Posted on 6:18 pm in Food Service.

3-D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is quickly becoming the hot new technology in the food industry. It enables a high degree of customization in design, decoration and nutritional ingredients while saving time and reducing waste. The process is relatively simple: Chefs, caterers, food manufacturers and consumers are using computers to develop a custom … Continue reading “A New Twist on 3-D Printing”

July 13, 2017 Biometric Applications Take Off

Posted on 7:47 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Ever since fingerprint identification capabilities were added to the Apple iPhone in 2013, biometrics has been heralded as the next secure and convenient method of identification and authentication.[1] While smartphones aren’t the only devices adding biometric authentication, they are indicative of how ubiquitous biometrics has become. Biometrics is moving from limited use in high security … Continue reading “Biometric Applications Take Off”

Making Omnichannel Work for Your Business

Posted on 7:46 pm in Franchise News.

Retail stores have been suffering declining sales over the past two years, resulting in numerous bankruptcies and hundreds of store closing across the country.[1] Meanwhile, online sales are booming: The Harvard Business Review reported ecommerce sales increased 23% in 2015.[2] The financial stakes are high for traditional retailers, and rather than giving up, many are … Continue reading “Making Omnichannel Work for Your Business”

Evaluating Your Employees

Posted on 7:44 pm in Small Business.

Employee performance evaluations are an important part of managing your business. While few managers and probably even fewer employees look forward to these reviews, they can be very useful tools. The performance evaluation process can force managers to objectively look at the employee’s capabilities, and provide guidance to help the employee improve. Reviews can be … Continue reading “Evaluating Your Employees”