Innovations in Remote Access to Video Surveillance

Posted on 3:14 pm in Security & Surveillance.

If you’ve come to believe there’s an app for everything, you may be right. For instance, app developers now have entered the realm of video surveillance technology for home and business security systems. Many home and business owners who install a video surveillance system want the convenience and ease of viewing live video while away … Continue reading “Innovations in Remote Access to Video Surveillance”

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Posted on 2:59 pm in Information Technology.

The adoption of advanced technology in the workplace is ushering in a new industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming today’s workplace by optimizing tasks, yielding greater insights and improving efficiency for better results. AI uses computer systems to simulate human intelligence processes at rapid speeds. These processes may include learning, reasoning … Continue reading “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace”

Hot Trends in Office Technology

Posted on 2:45 pm in Office Technology.

As companies increasingly compete for talent, they find having a technology-enabled workplace improves employee satisfaction and retention. A decade ago, interior office construction budgets allocated only 7% for technology costs. Now that figure averages 25% or more for a typical office build-out as companies focus on creating appealing and efficient work environments.[1] With more Generation … Continue reading “Hot Trends in Office Technology”

March 22, 2017 The Hottest Menu Trends in 2017

Posted on 3:39 pm in Food Service.

Just when you think you’ve tasted it all, along comes new menu trends. A wide range of taste sensations are hitting restaurants across the nation. Some old favorites are taking a new turn, such as the re-emergence of traditional French cuisine and new variations of pasta dishes. Meanwhile, Korean and Filipino cuisines are quickly gaining popularity. … Continue reading “The Hottest Menu Trends in 2017”

Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Health Care

Posted on 3:39 pm in Healthcare.

New technology continues to achieve its promise of bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to health care. Some of the recent innovations impacting health care delivery and outcomes include:[1] The internet of things – Wireless sensors linked by the internet of things can enable better monitoring of inpatients and remote management of chronic conditions. The internet … Continue reading “Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Health Care”

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Posted on 10:51 pm in Small Business.

Marketing isn’t always just about acquiring new customers. For many businesses, it’s just as important to focus on selling additional products or services to existing customers. Here are some thoughts on what your existing customers want, and how you can respond in ways that will strengthen your relationships with them. Customers want to feel their … Continue reading “Building Stronger Customer Relationships”

Municipal Surveillance Systems Expanding

Posted on 10:18 pm in Security & Surveillance.

As cities and nations around the world begin to test the “smart city” concept, demand for municipal video surveillance systems is expected to grow. A smart city is an urban development model that securely integrates several information and communication technologies and the internet of things to manage a city’s assets, including city government and its … Continue reading “Municipal Surveillance Systems Expanding”