Intelligent Apps Take Center Stage

Posted on 9:18 pm in Information Technology.

Mobile apps help consumers obtain news and information quickly, make purchases, download music and interact with companies directly. Now such apps are being developed to help businesses revolutionize workplace functions and improve productivity. Smartphones are the devices of choice for most Americans who spend nearly four hours a day on their phones.[1] Marketing research firm … Continue reading “Intelligent Apps Take Center Stage”

February 14, 2017 Is Telemedicine Ready to Take Off?

Posted on 4:52 pm in Healthcare.

For more than four decades,[1] telemedicine has enabled patients in remote areas to obtain care from doctors and specialists. Many healthcare systems recently have made significant investments in telemedicine technology as they strive to extend care to underserved populations, improve healthcare delivery, increase capacity and reduce costs. Lack of access to a doctor is evident … Continue reading “Is Telemedicine Ready to Take Off?”

Meal Kits Go Mainstream

Posted on 7:01 pm in Food Service.

Meal kit services have grown substantially in recent years in large urban areas. These kits contain pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-washed ingredients with easy recipes buyers can cook at home. U.S. sales for meal kit delivery services were estimated at $1.5 billion in 2016, and the segment is expected to grow into a multibillion-dollar market by … Continue reading “Meal Kits Go Mainstream”

Buy-Sell Agreements Pave the Way for Orderly Changes in Ownership

Posted on 6:39 pm in Small Business.

Many businesses, especially partnerships and corporations with a small number of shareholders, use contractual arrangements to control what happens if one owner dies or for any other reason the owners wish to go separate ways. These arrangements are called “buy-sell agreements.” If your business has multiple owners, you may want to consult an attorney and … Continue reading “Buy-Sell Agreements Pave the Way for Orderly Changes in Ownership”

Employee Monitoring Software Can Enhance Performance

Posted on 6:29 pm in Security & Surveillance.

Companies have tracked employee activity since the days of punch clocks. Now, many companies are using employee monitoring software to improve efficiency and productivity and to ensure company resources and data are being used appropriately. A variety of software applications are available to examine employee activity, ranging from simple tools to track attendance to complex … Continue reading “Employee Monitoring Software Can Enhance Performance”

Time to Revisit the Open Office Concept?

Posted on 5:51 pm in Office Technology.

There’s a growing backlash against the open-plan office layout. This approach was intended to promote collaboration and teaming, but employees have long complained about noise, lack of privacy and constant distractions. Some experts now blame the open office environment for lower employee productivity, rising stress levels, decreased job satisfaction and reduced motivation.[1] Cost was a … Continue reading “Time to Revisit the Open Office Concept?”