June 7, 2017 Robots Take On Restaurants

Posted on 9:52 pm in Food Service.

Rising labor costs, labor shortages and concerns over quality have motivated both technology companies and food entrepreneurs to get serious about robotics in food service. As automation quickly moves into the restaurant industry, robots are improving quality and production in the kitchen and helping with service at the front of the house. The following are … Continue reading “Robots Take On Restaurants”

Restaurants Go for the Green

Posted on 4:41 pm in Food Service.

With chefs increasingly using local ingredients and extolling the benefits of farm-to-table dining, many restaurants have begun to incorporate a “green” theme into their restaurant décor. Walls and islands of greenery that feature ivy, flowering plants, fresh herbs and vegetables are appearing in restaurants across the country. These green spaces make patrons feel like they … Continue reading “Restaurants Go for the Green”

High Tech Innovations in the Pharmacy

Posted on 4:39 pm in Healthcare.

Technology is quickly transforming the pharmacy and helping pharmacists enhance operational efficiency, provide better customer service and improve patient outcomes. Advances in automation, data analytics and improved diagnostics are beginning to yield significant benefits. Many of these advancements are behind the scenes and invisible to patients. Some examples of the innovative technology being used by … Continue reading “High Tech Innovations in the Pharmacy”

May 9, 2017 Moving Ahead with Mobile Payments

Posted on 8:16 pm in Franchise News.

Goodbye, cash and plastic credit cards. Hello, mobile payments. When Apple launched Apple Pay in October 2014, it looked like the cashless society had arrived. Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal quickly launched similar mobile wallet services. While public acceptance of such mobile payments has been slower than expected, the service is catching … Continue reading “Moving Ahead with Mobile Payments”