Crowdsourcing Product Development

Product developers are finding social media sites useful for conducting product research, design development and test marketing. Social media feedback helps refine and improve current products and often leads to ideas for the development of new offerings. Many consumers use social media to voice their opinions on the products and services they purchase. Beyond sharing … Continue reading “Crowdsourcing Product Development”

Moving Ahead with Mobile Payments

Goodbye, cash and plastic credit cards. Hello, mobile payments. When Apple launched Apple Pay in October 2014, it looked like the cashless society had arrived. Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal quickly launched similar mobile wallet services. While public acceptance of such mobile payments has been slower than expected, the service is catching … Continue reading “Moving Ahead with Mobile Payments”

Creative Real Estate Options

Retail business owners know that location can make or break their business. The internet has changed shopping and consumers now are more focused on convenience and the overall experience. As a result, when locating their businesses, owners are looking for creative and cost-effective ways to provide convenience and unique settings, while maximizing their real estate … Continue reading “Creative Real Estate Options”