Telehealth Takes Off with Millennials

Millennials are turning out to be the biggest proponents of telehealth services and mobile health applications. Telehealth services use technology such as computers and smartphone apps to connect physicians and healthcare providers with patients for diagnosis, referrals and treatment. At nearly 80 million strong and growing in numbers,[1] millennials are the largest generation living and … Continue reading “Telehealth Takes Off with Millennials”

High Tech Innovations in the Pharmacy

Technology is quickly transforming the pharmacy and helping pharmacists enhance operational efficiency, provide better customer service and improve patient outcomes. Advances in automation, data analytics and improved diagnostics are beginning to yield significant benefits. Many of these advancements are behind the scenes and invisible to patients. Some examples of the innovative technology being used by … Continue reading “High Tech Innovations in the Pharmacy”

Cost-Effective, Customized Health Care with 3D Printing

The use of additive manufacturing, commonly known as “3D printing,” is growing across many industries. Analysts estimate the overall 3D printing market will reach $30.19 billion by 2022.[1] With the ongoing need to reduce health care costs, 3D printing has great potential to deliver superb, customized results in a cost-effective manner. As an additive process, … Continue reading “Cost-Effective, Customized Health Care with 3D Printing”

Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Health Care

New technology continues to achieve its promise of bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness to health care. Some of the recent innovations impacting health care delivery and outcomes include:[1] The internet of things – Wireless sensors linked by the internet of things can enable better monitoring of inpatients and remote management of chronic conditions. The internet … Continue reading “Disruptive Technologies Are Transforming Health Care”

Is Telemedicine Ready to Take Off?

For more than four decades,[1] telemedicine has enabled patients in remote areas to obtain care from doctors and specialists. Many healthcare systems recently have made significant investments in telemedicine technology as they strive to extend care to underserved populations, improve healthcare delivery, increase capacity and reduce costs. Lack of access to a doctor is evident … Continue reading “Is Telemedicine Ready to Take Off?”