Blockchain’s Potential in Health Care

Blockchain is being touted by technology experts as having the potential to transform a wide range of business transactions and processes. According to Forbes, private investment in blockchain companies exceeded $4.5 billion in 2017.[1] Blockchain technology securely records transactions between two parties and retains all transaction history. A blockchain constantly grows as new “blocks” or … Continue reading “Blockchain’s Potential in Health Care”

3-D Printing and Smartphone Technology Advance Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing

Medical diagnostic testing is moving from the laboratory to the field with point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing. Health care workers are beginning to apply portable diagnostic tools using additive manufacturing processes — known as 3-D printing — and smartphone technology. POC diagnostic testing can be done at any location to quickly detect disease, determine its severity … Continue reading “3-D Printing and Smartphone Technology Advance Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing”

Telehealth Takes Off with Millennials

Millennials are turning out to be the biggest proponents of telehealth services and mobile health applications. Telehealth services use technology such as computers and smartphone apps to connect physicians and healthcare providers with patients for diagnosis, referrals and treatment. At nearly 80 million strong and growing in numbers,[1] millennials are the largest generation living and … Continue reading “Telehealth Takes Off with Millennials”

High Tech Innovations in the Pharmacy

Technology is quickly transforming the pharmacy and helping pharmacists enhance operational efficiency, provide better customer service and improve patient outcomes. Advances in automation, data analytics and improved diagnostics are beginning to yield significant benefits. Many of these advancements are behind the scenes and invisible to patients. Some examples of the innovative technology being used by … Continue reading “High Tech Innovations in the Pharmacy”