Healthcare in the Age of Robotics

Surgical robots have been used since the early 2000s, enabling surgeons to perform delicate work with greater precision, flexibility and improved reach. Today, medical robots are quickly moving into other areas of healthcare to achieve better patient healthcare outcomes, improve efficiency and lower cost. Because robots are ideal for repetitive tasks, their use in healthcare … Continue reading “Healthcare in the Age of Robotics”

Big Data Is Coming to Healthcare

The tidal wave of big data is making its way into healthcare. Medical practitioners, researchers and hospital executives are tantalized by the prospect of integrating huge amounts of patient information from disparate sources to develop diagnostic profiles, direct treatment and proactive therapies, and improve follow-up care. Healthcare administrators are beginning to realize big data’s potential … Continue reading “Big Data Is Coming to Healthcare”

Is the fax machine on the brink of extinction?

Today, with instant communication not only possible but impossible to avoid, it seems as though fax machines are on a one-way trip to the great scrap heap in the sky. But is that really the case?