The ABCs of Today’s Workplace

Trends affecting today’s workplace — such as automation, boomerang employees and contract workers — illustrate how companies are rethinking their work environments for greater connectivity, improved productivity and higher employee satisfaction. Automation For years, experts have predicted automation will dramatically change work processes, and now companies and employees are experiencing this trend firsthand. Many employees … Continue reading “The ABCs of Today’s Workplace”

Authenticity in Office Design

Modern offices today are more comfortable and home-like than the “cube farms” of the past. This may be a side benefit of Silicon Valley’s emphasis on fun workspaces that was embraced by companies like Google and Microsoft in the early 2000s. Today’s modern office has evolved into a more authentic work environment supporting company values … Continue reading “Authenticity in Office Design”

Bringing Nature into the Office

Many companies are beginning to incorporate biophilic design into the architecture and interior design of their offices. Biophilic design integrates natural elements such as plants, wood, stone and water into a setting to satisfy a deep human need for contact with nature.[1] Architects, facilities managers and company executives have recognized that interior design elements can … Continue reading “Bringing Nature into the Office”

Hot Trends in Office Technology

As companies increasingly compete for talent, they find having a technology-enabled workplace improves employee satisfaction and retention. A decade ago, interior office construction budgets allocated only 7% for technology costs. Now that figure averages 25% or more for a typical office build-out as companies focus on creating appealing and efficient work environments.[1] With more Generation … Continue reading “Hot Trends in Office Technology”

Time to Revisit the Open Office Concept?

There’s a growing backlash against the open-plan office layout. This approach was intended to promote collaboration and teaming, but employees have long complained about noise, lack of privacy and constant distractions. Some experts now blame the open office environment for lower employee productivity, rising stress levels, decreased job satisfaction and reduced motivation.[1] Cost was a … Continue reading “Time to Revisit the Open Office Concept?”

How Close Are Businesses to Achieving the Internet of Things?

The “internet of things” (IoT) promises the greatest transformation of business since the Industrial Revolution. This network of unique devices connects people and other devices using internet protocol (IP) connectivity, often without human intervention. Through the IoT, software, computers, the cloud, sensors and other devices can seamlessly merge physical and digital technology for greater efficiency, … Continue reading “How Close Are Businesses to Achieving the Internet of Things?”

Office Design and the Future of Work

As the U.S. workforce undergoes dynamic changes, companies are adapting their office layouts to meet the demands and preferences of the next generation of employees. Advances in technology have enabled the workforce to “unplug” and become increasingly mobile, and new work patterns among “knowledge workers” are driving office design that enables more collaboration and interaction. … Continue reading “Office Design and the Future of Work”