Video and RFID Combine to Better Protect Retailers, Offer More Insights

Retailers are finding the combination of video surveillance and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology not only improves inventory protection but can provide insights into customer preferences and buying habits. RFID uses wireless radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. The tag contains a unique serial number and … Continue reading “Video and RFID Combine to Better Protect Retailers, Offer More Insights”

Biometric Applications Take Off

Ever since fingerprint identification capabilities were added to the Apple iPhone in 2013, biometrics has been heralded as the next secure and convenient method of identification and authentication.[1] While smartphones aren’t the only devices adding biometric authentication, they are indicative of how ubiquitous biometrics has become. Biometrics is moving from limited use in high security … Continue reading “Biometric Applications Take Off”

Smart Homes Mean Safer Homes

Can you activate your home security system using your smartphone once you walk out the door? Can you check security cameras, dim the lights or draw the shades using an app? These all are features of a secure smart home. Although many electronic and wireless devices such as thermostats and baby monitors have been around … Continue reading “Smart Homes Mean Safer Homes”

Employee Monitoring Software Can Enhance Performance

Companies have tracked employee activity since the days of punch clocks. Now, many companies are using employee monitoring software to improve efficiency and productivity and to ensure company resources and data are being used appropriately. A variety of software applications are available to examine employee activity, ranging from simple tools to track attendance to complex … Continue reading “Employee Monitoring Software Can Enhance Performance”