Developing a Business Plan

Entrepreneurs often spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours thinking about and planning for a new business. If they are wise, they also go through the formal exercise of developing a business plan, which can produce several important benefits: 1. A business plan will be an essential part of any request for financing. A well-prepared … Continue reading “Developing a Business Plan”

Energy prices helping fleets save money

Truckers spent approximately $1.59 per mile last year, according to recent data crunched by the American Transportation Research Institute. That’s down 6 percent from 2014.

Big Data Is Coming to Healthcare

The tidal wave of big data is making its way into healthcare. Medical practitioners, researchers and hospital executives are tantalized by the prospect of integrating huge amounts of patient information from disparate sources to develop diagnostic profiles, direct treatment and proactive therapies, and improve follow-up care. Healthcare administrators are beginning to realize big data’s potential … Continue reading “Big Data Is Coming to Healthcare”