Security Moves to the Cloud

Cloud storage gives organizations the ability to store large amounts of data on a remote server that can be accessed through the internet. As surveillance systems become more sophisticated with higher resolution cameras, more customers are considering using the cloud to store video surveillance footage. The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) notes that more than 70% … Continue reading “Security Moves to the Cloud”

Developing a Business Plan

Entrepreneurs often spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours thinking about and planning for a new business. If they are wise, they also go through the formal exercise of developing a business plan, which can produce several important benefits: 1. A business plan will be an essential part of any request for financing. A well-prepared … Continue reading “Developing a Business Plan”

Office Design and the Future of Work

As the U.S. workforce undergoes dynamic changes, companies are adapting their office layouts to meet the demands and preferences of the next generation of employees. Advances in technology have enabled the workforce to “unplug” and become increasingly mobile, and new work patterns among “knowledge workers” are driving office design that enables more collaboration and interaction. … Continue reading “Office Design and the Future of Work”

Trending on Thursday: How to Get a Donation Drive Up and Running at Your Small Business

We’re a week away from Thanksgiving and a time we all reflect on what we’re thankful for and how we can give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. This week’s Trending on Thursday details some great tips to help you get a donation drive quickly up and running at your small business. We also … Continue reading “Trending on Thursday: How to Get a Donation Drive Up and Running at Your Small Business”