Restaurants everywhere can benefit from new and popular trends that take the industry by storm, whether they involve product delivery strategies or the addition of equipment. Both of these strategies can help businesses find better levels of success in the near future.

Beverage preferences changing
Nation's Restaurant News reported that restaurants everywhere are finding ways to boost their drink sales. Their strategies include using brand names and quality products that may differ from more common strategies. One corporation has developed its own sweet tea brand, as one example, where the generous portions and quality of the drink itself help promote and boost sales of the drink.

Another way to drive sales is to increase the availability of exclusive and high-quality drinks. In doing so, businesses can work on both high-end cocktails and wines and non-alcoholic drinks like lemonades and smoothies.

The ever-present popularity of coffee and similar drinks is also on the rise, from espresso to premium roast. No matter how a business decides to enter the beverage market, there's a thirstier clientele than ever in the current industry marketplace, and companies can benefit as a result.

Point-Of-Sale equipment growing in functionality
Restaurant News Release found another trend in the industry is also changing the approach of some businesses. Integrating technology that can both make customers happy and help waitstaff turn tables faster is a great idea in almost any book, and there's a new release that can fit that exact need.

One new technology suite called Thr!ve is a functional point-of-sale system contained on a single tablet. It comes complete with business-building tools like online ordering, mobile apps, loyalty, marketing and enterprise reporting, which can help ensure orders come out more accurately, improve cash flow, allow for better management of employees and provide the right information to help manage overall business systems.

As Thr!ve is browser-based instead of cloud-based, the question of difficulty of operation goes out the window, as all information is stored locally. In other words, it is simple to set up and has few issues in operation, meaning any business can improve its standards by adopting this sort of technology.

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