Restaurants must appeal to their bottom lines more than any other industry, and recent changes in the weather and government regulations have harmed their ability to do this. However, owners and operators can easily and definitively fight back with only a few changes to their strategies.

According to Boston's PBS station, WGBH, snow has been one of the major problems in that city's restaurant scene so far this year, with more than a few lost days of revenue thanks to the unpredictable nature of the storms. With four storms having hit the region in the last seven weeks, which has led directly to school closings and parking bans, many restaurants are struggling to keep up with demand, especially when storms have landed most often during weekdays.

There are some strategies the news source mentioned that could help mitigate the damage for the average business. These included timing opening and closing hours to coincide with the storm itself, such as planning around issues that might involve the storm encroaching on store hours. Also, it's important to keep an eye on the forecast to make sure a business isn't working around too small or too big of a storm.

California law changing things in other respects
The Sacramento State Hornet adds that another recent point of contention in the restaurant industry comes from a new California regulation that has changed the safety rules required of many workers. Enacted Jan. 1, the new law requires food servers to use gloves or tongs when handling products ready for customers to eat. This has largely changed the approaches of many businesses, namely bartending, as workers can no longer directly touch the lime, lemon or orange slices that frequently garnish a variety of beers and drinks in the wild.

What's more, new regulations change things for the businesses further. Many locations will soon be required to acquire a food safety handler certificate, which much stay up to date at all times. There will likely be an increase in training and knowledge necessary in this context, and perhaps in the future, these safety improvement efforts will be seen as a very positive thing.

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