The strength of different trends in the foodservice market is one of the most important aspects of improving sales as a whole. Businesses can take a number of different opportunities and inspirations from new menu or business features that take sway with a customer base, and doing so may even provide some less expensive and more lucrative ways to boost overall revenue.

Pork becoming popular
According to QSR Magazine, the current meat market presents some issues for a number of restaurants thanks to consumers' new tastes and different types of protein becoming more or less expensive. One of the latest results has been seen with a sharp increase in the cost of beef, and as a result, businesses are finding new meats are taking advantage.

Pork has grown in popularity by more than 2.5 percent over the last few years, and experts have said there are a number of reasons for its growth. Not only has it been found in a number of traditional American dishes, but it's also common in regional and ethnic cuisines. Additionally, pork is a common comfort food, with bacon in particular always desired among diners. Add in the ever-present demand for its various forms at the breakfast table, and there's no question that the meat is seeing a bit of a renaissance.

Restaurants hoping to hop onto this trend should look at sensible and basic ways the meat can be added to their menus. Bacon and pulled pork have been noted as  two of the more easily implemented foods that can lead to improvement.

Ambiance makes a difference
Foodservice Equipment and Reports Magazine added that another important part of the dining experience comes from a restaurant's ambiance. While this can understandably take a back seat in business approaches to new investments, it can drive a significant amount of traffic.

Up to 91 percent of restaurant diners said that the ambiance of an establishment affects purchase decisions. Nearly 85 percent of those customers noted the importance of having a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere at the locations they visit.

Importantly, these expectations carry over to overall satisfaction. Up to 98 percent of all consumers will rate a restaurant highly if it has very good ambiance and atmosphere.

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