A franchise would be nothing without a competent staff behind the counter, to greet customers, fill orders and manage their share of the work. To hire the right employees, franchisees will need to take several different components into account, lest they waste resources, time and energy on someone who isn't a good fit.

What would the franchisor do?
Franchisors might have the perfect idea for what makes a consummate employee, and given their track record, franchisees should heed their advice.

Franchisees should consult any literature handed down on behalf of the franchise for answers. Better yet, they should try to schedule an appointment with a company consultant to get the information straight from the horse's mouth.

"When plotting out a recruiting plan, make stark divisions between the different jobs on-site."

Where do franchisees draw the line on job experience?
Franchisees, be honest: Can someone with little-to-no qualifications fill a position at your location? Many would say, of course not! But if that's true, how does anyone get started anywhere?

The Wall Street Journal reported entry-level job expansion hasn't quite bounced back after the most recent economic recession subsided, posting less-than-admirable growth or none at all. In fact, many industries experienced a drop in such jobs over the last decade, leaving newcomers to the job market with little recourse as they try to pad their resumes with relevant experience in the field of their choosing.

When plotting out a recruiting plan, make stark divisions between the different jobs on-site. Franchisees hiring a fry cook may want past experience, but there's no reason a cashier position needs more than a background check or references confirming his or her character.

Interviewing at a coffee shop can set a nervous job seeker's mind at ease.Interviewing at a coffee shop can set a nervous job seeker's mind at ease.

Where will the interviews take place?
Franchisees shouldn't assume the worksite is the best environment for the job interview, though it may make the most sense. A recent study by staffing service OfficeTeam found interviewing outside the office can promote a casual atmosphere, which could give interviewers a better impression of the individual.

But franchisees shouldn't go overboard picking a unique meeting place. Really strange locations like parking lots or secluded areas might appear unprofessional or even dangerous to job seekers. There's a fine line between catching someone off-guard and scaring them away.

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