The modern healthcare world has some of the most in-depth and impressive technological improvements ever seen across almost every industry, but today's physicians aren't stopping yet. 3-D printing continues to be at the forefront of improving healthcare, and new developments involve customized, personal care as well as the potential to improve surgeon training faster than ever.

Personalized care
According to Med City News, one startup in the market aims to improve pediatrics down to every last patient. A company called 3D Pediatrics has been created with the goal of better customizing patient care and overall pediatrics, working to make care for children easier and more effective for different patients over time.

The news source reported that the company will only be the latest that can improve individual patient care, as recent developments have improved the safety of intubating airways as well as better protecting and caring for ear, nose and throat problems. The beauty of 3-D printing is that 3D Pediatrics won't be limited to any one of these specific options. Instead, it will be able to develop several strategies that will all have great long-term effects.

Surgeon simulations
3-D Print reported that another development in the industry comes from Simbionix, the latest acquisition by major 3-D printing company 3D Systems. Simbionix is a worldwide expert in 3-D virtual reality surgical simulation, but 3-D Print believes the business will go even further than that in the near future.

"Simbionix is a perfect match for our healthcare business and its powerful technology, products, channels and domain expertise expands our 3D healthcare capabilities from the training room to the operating room, and extends our first mover advantage in this fast growing vertical," Avi Reichental, president and CEO of 3D Systems, said to the news source.

It's believed that this new acquisition will vastly help the possibilities for surgeons training in the future. They will be able to begin their surgical training using 3-D models on computers and virtually performing procedures, and then will be able to jump to real 3-D printed organs and similar products over time. 

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