In the past decade, modern medical technology has made leaps and bounds, but few aspects of the market have created as much change as electronic health records. Doctors gaining new and better contact means to improve their knowledge of patients’ health issues and relevant solutions is a pressing matter in the overall market, and as such, adoption of the equipment is increasing.

Adoption doubles in past five years
A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that electronic health record adoption is on the rise throughout the industry, with its uses growing fast as shown in a recent study. In 2007, the CDC found that only about 35 percent of office-based physicians had used any type of EHR system. By 2012, those figures skyrocketed, reaching a new total of nearly 72 percent and representing more than double in the overall growth of its use.

In addition, only about 4 percent of these doctors had systems that were said to meet the criteria of a fully functional system in 2007. By the year 2012, adoption rose by leaps and bounds, hitting a new total of 23.5 percent. This means that, without a doubt, more officials than ever are seeing the benefits that this technology can provide the average doctor. Getting a first-hand account of patients’ health histories and recent troubles can take seconds where it used to take minutes. Doctors also no longer need to worry about illegible handwriting harming their ability to understand what their next steps should be, better ensuring overall quality of care.

Market continues to grow
What’s more, the field is continuing to see the benefits of EHR expansion. A recent survey conducted by Software Advice found that as many as 40 percent of electronic health record buyers are looking to replace or upgrade their current systems.

There are new features being introduced all the time in the industry, which is likely why this drive toward new technology is taking form. Mobile support has topped the list of requested features, as nearly 40 percent of all buyers have said they want it in their next purchase, while many others are hoping to find newfound integration between their EHR application suites.

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