Electronic health record (EHR) technology has long been considered one of the best innovations in the medical world, allowing doctors and medical staff to ensure their information remains up-to-date at all times. New reports have found that the technology continues to perform important changes in many healthcare locations, and the costs of adoption may be much lower than expected.

Creates all-in-one medical record location
Medical care requires the access of information now more than ever, and electronic health records help the medical community stay current when it comes to containing that information in one place, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. Whereas Kansas health clinics would previously have to contact other locations to share specific patient information, which can be a difficult prospect in some respects, now they can immediately update patient information.

The news source noted that this is especially important because it helps locations that specialize in different areas of healthcare to combine their resources if necessary. Many states don't normally include mental health clinics in their exchange listings, which means that some patients can sometimes be prescribed medications for physical and mental ailments at the same time that can clash because the providers didn't have full access to the patients' current prescriptions.

There are already more than 250 locations across Kansas participating in a medical health record information exchange, which is a huge improvement over other networks. These facilities have the ability to upload data about patients automatically, and more than 500 others can access patient records if they deem doing so to be necessary. This will lead to improving overall health across a wider population, one expert told the news source.

Top-rated EHR program free
A survey from MedScape added that adopting EHR technology can be both more extensive and less expensive than previously thought. More than 80 percent of physicians report putting the technology into use in today's market, and 93 percent plan on having it in place in the next two years. Forbes noted that the overall best-ranked EHR system available, VistA, is open-source and can be absolutely free in many locations, needing only 10 minutes for full installment. This means adopting the technology can be easier than ever.

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