Medical devices have long been an important part of patient healthcare, giving those suffering from illness or injury new and better ways to improve their long-term prospects for care and recovery. Recent reports have seen multiple devices getting strong recommendations when it comes to their ability to help improve quality of life.

Study's results to inspire newfound testing
When heart problems become evident in a patient's medical history, a pacemaker is one of the most common options on hand to protect and extend one's ability to live an ordinary life. However, The Associated Press reported that a certain form of pacemaker makes a difference, especially for women.

A recent report from the Food and Drug Administration examined specific pacemakers, known as cardiac resynchronization devices, which include a defibrillator that can detect and remove life-threatening beats. While they have been able to reduce the risk of heart failure-related complications in men by 26 percent, the noted improvements in women are even greater, at around 76 percent for those with a specific irregularity. 

Scientists looking at the data expect that it will likely lead to a revolution in how heart disease is studied and tracked between men and women. Fewer women than men often participate in heart disease-related studies, while women are also noted to have different symptoms and reactions when it comes to medicines.

Device allows for instant access to medical data
Med Device Online added that a second report recently found that medical devices may soon allow for a quick and easy way for paramedics and first responders to access important medical information in the case of an emergency.

The Tap2Tag Medical line of products includes a number of small, wearable and portable devices that come in sizes of various everyday items like credit cards, fobs or wristbands. Using near-field communication technology, the equipment emits radio waves over a short range from the device to a nearby smartphone.

In the event that a wearer or owner of the device undergoes a medical emergency, a responder will be able to communicate with that device immediately to better collect important and pressing information with few, if any, drawbacks.

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