In the world of health care, the recent growth of the mobile device has helped reduce costs and protect patients against the potential of further complications. New information from the industry shows that this new rise of technology is only set to expand further in the next few years.

Mobile tech reduces hospital stays 
According to the American Journal of Medicine, a recent study of mobile devices focused on continuous monitoring of a patient's heart and respiration rates. The study found that the technology represented improvements in the overall health of those the equipment was attached to. A controlled study compared two medical-surgical units over a period of nine months, one outfitted with mobile devices. After the initial nine months, both were outfitted with the devices.

The study saw a significant decrease in the number of days patients spent in the hospital when they had mobile devices. Average hospital stays plummeted in that time, falling from an even four days down to 3.6 days. Days that intensive care unit patients spent in the hospital also fell rapidly, reaching a new total of 63.5 days from as many as 120.

There was also a drop in code blue, or cardiac arrest, claims. After an intervention, the rate fell from 6.3 to between 0.9 and 2.1 per thousand patients.

New mobile products soon to come
Med City News added that these devices are only the start of what's to come. Of last year's wearable devices sales, which raised $1 billion in total capital, more than 60 percent of the deals were in the medical world. Their purposes range from medical devices that transmit information to surgeons in real time, giving them better information about the success rates of knee replacements, to a sensor contained in a pill that can transmit vital signs and make sure patients take their medication.

A number of other opportunities are also on the market. One hearing device works in tune with a smartphone app to help users better meet the settings applicable for a given situation. Other possibilities include wristband sleep trackers to monitor quality of rest and other wellness-tracking software opportunities.

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