The healthcare industry is always open for technological advancement. It is essential that patients have access to the best care regardless of the size, location or budget of a given hospital, and new devices are making that increasingly possible. Smart, mobile and interconnected technology gives doctors and patients better communication capabilities so ailments can be easily identified and diagnosed, even remotely.

One major development taking place in hospitals nationwide is in the field of cameras. While video monitoring has been around for some time, recently cameras are being used like never before to the benefit of patients everywhere.

Detecting what the human eye cannot
Cameras that are digitally enhanced and altered can help doctors identify patient symptoms that would be difficult – if not impossible – to recognize with the naked eye.

Forbes reported that researchers at the University of Notre Dame's Robotics, Health and Communication Lab developed "high-fidelity robotic human patient simulators (HPS) that have the ability to exhibit realistic, clinically-relevant facial expressions – critical cues providers need to assess and treat patients." Elsewhere, Binghamton University scientists created the 3D Facial Expression Database with the goal of "increasing the general understanding of facial behavior and 3D structure of facial expressions on a detailed level."

Both of these tools give doctors heightened understanding of patients' level of pain, especially for situations in which the patient is unable to otherwise communicate with the physician.

Accurate vein imaging leads to smoother operations
Christie Medical Holdings released an updated version of its VeinViewer, an imaging technology that allows physicians to better locate and navigate through veins, according to a recent press release.

"In pre-op and the operating room, factors such as the patient's size and fragility of the vessels, skin tone, and hypertension, among others, can contribute to difficult venous access (DVA)," Erin Shelton, VeinViewer product manager, said in the press release. "VeinViewer has been clinically proven to improve IV first-stick success by up to 100 percent, reduce pain and improve patient satisfaction."

This development stands to enhance the entire operation procedure from beginning to end and provide more accurate data throughout.

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