At times, telemedicine still seems like something ripped straight out of a science fiction novel, but it's here to stay. Immediate access to a doctor's recommendations, where he or she can assess that patient's needs based solely off reports of their symptoms, has indeed become a standard point of care in the modern health industry. Its benefits continue to help people around the country.

Helping brain aneurysm patients
The Associated Press reported that a foundation has recently helped a New Hampshire hospital drastically improve its quality of care, potentially helping save the lives and livelihoods of brain aneurysm patients all across northern New England.

The Missy Project, initially created in 1999 in memory of a Texas girl who died of an aneurysm while at summer camp, recently gave $150,000 to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center for Telehealth. That center aims to use telemedicine to give children and adults alike real-time access to specialty neurovascular care.

Telemedine has been said by doctors at the facility to be especially fitting for neurovascular patients, because there's typically no need for a physical examination. Instead of waiting weeks for an unnecessary 15-minute in-person meeting, patients can simply dial up their doctor using a computer or portable device. In the event that they do need an in-person meeting, it can be specially set up for them.

Psychiatric services also seeing big boost
More major issues across America include psychiatric issues and high wait times. According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, these issues are also being alleviated by telemedicine. Some patients experiencing distress may need to wait days or even weeks for an appointment, which can have drastic consequences in some cases. As these issues don't necessarily require physical meetings either, patients can instead teleconference over a video interface, which can help them deal with potential issues much more easily.

Rising populations in areas like Midland, Texas, are adding more stress to the scheduling process. When about one-third of Americans experience mental illness in the average year, the news source said, telemedicine can play a very real role in easing and helping these patients remain safe, getting them the care they need in much more effective ways.

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