The development of telemedicine in the world of healthcare has brought a number of improvements and benefits to the market. With the ability to expand care to patients who may otherwise see diminished quality of life, the practice has a number of development benefits. Recent efforts may only further the growth of telemedicine.

Florida Senate aims to naturalize process
According to The Associated Press, Florida's Senate has recognized the importance of telemedicine. If a new bill is passed, it will establish new requirements for health providers who remotely treat their patients. A secondary bill also heading through the House is on the docket, potentially expanding the market further to doctors that would only need to be registered in the state to practice, provided they had completed schooling in another state

Dozens of other states have already passed telemedicine-strengthening bills, and Florida is on its way. For patients who have little time or are in rural areas, telemedicine can help save lives and protect patients from deteriorating quality of life or care.

While some critics are concerned about the bill's ability to keep patients safe, noting that some out-of-state doctors may try to take advantage of its loose nature if enacted, the benefits of the technology have been recognized time and again. One neurologist at the University of Miami has performed more than 600 telemedicine consultations since 2009, according to the news source.

Another example of the benefits of telemedicine comes from an easier ability to see patients, who may not otherwise be comfortable coming in person. A patient had an unknown skin ailment that turned out to be eczema. The source noted that without telemedicine he may not have been treated.

What the next few years hold
EHR Intelligence, in an interview with American Telemedicine Association founder and former president Jay Sanders, reported that the technology has room for growth in the near future. Wearable technology and monitoring sensors were specifically noted, giving doctors more information than ever before.

Examination rooms are going to change as well. Many more seniors will be able to live at home, according to the source, able to gain care and remain independent by receiving mobile care whenever and whenever possible.

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