Remember the old days, when family doctors traveled from home to home, patient to patient, making house calls and delivering the necessary treatment to patients in their own living rooms? Neither do I. More commonly, if a person needs medical care, they head to the local doctor's office or hospital. If it's an emergency, they can call an ambulance. It's harder to get the same kind of personalized care in the comfort of your own home.

"For the folks who only need an assessment, opinion or a check up, mobile technology holds the key."

But that is a trend that may not last forever. With the development of mobile technology, it is conceivable that healthcare providers may be able to virtually visit patients wherever they are for a number of reasons. With that said, those who require actual physical procedures will still need to pay a visit to the office. But for the folks who only need an assessment, opinion or a check up, mobile technology holds the key.

Gathering data with mobile devices
One of the new technologies that make mobile doctor visits possible is the smart device that can track health statistics and upload them to a database. According to IT Pro Portal, these devices are already having an impact. A report from 2013 highlighted the ability of mobile platforms to gather, measure and quantify individuals' health data.

"Already, smartphone-compatible medical devices such as weight scales, blood pressure cuffs, and pulse oximeters are making their way into patients' homes," the report detailed. "By providing health information and instructions for use in a user-friendly interface, smartphone-synced devices empower patients to take an active role in their own health."

Since then, those devices have only proliferated. Now, it is not a problem for patients and doctors to examine mobile-based health data.

Doctors can set up virtual meetings with patients.Doctors can set up virtual meetings with patients.

Walgreens develops telemedicine program
Pharmaceutical chain Walgreens has been working on a mobile app that would allow patients to see a doctor and receive a prescription without leaving home, according to CBS News. The company hopes the increased convenience will convince more individuals to seek treatment and get their prescriptions.

Smaller brands and doctors' offices could follow Walgreens' lead by implementing their own telehealth strategy. It would allow them to reach more patients and give priority to those who come into the office. As mobile technology advances, this option could become easier and easier.

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