In most small businesses, it can be hard to get everything done in a typical day. Changing that for the better can be as simple as downloading a few specific apps that can improve productivity by leaps and bounds.

Promotions and finances
Two of the biggest headaches most small business owners will come across are promotions via social media and organizing finances. They can be strong ways to develop a customer base and make sure things remain flowing, but they can also take up hours a day that would be better spent on more pressing matters. According to Fox Small Business, both of these issues can be largely reduced simply by purchasing a few mobile apps.

​The app LocalVox will provide small business owners with the ability to publish news, promotions and events with only a few button presses. This information, for a small cost, can be pushed onto social media sites as well as online directories and websites. Reducing the hours it takes to sustain a small business media feed, or removing the need for operators to pay an employee to do so, can lead to notable production improvements.

As far as finances go, hiring accountants or financial gurus can also quickly become hard to afford. Even consultants are often big drains on resources. The app InDinero can help fix this trend. It can cover accounting, taxes and payroll expenditures while giving business owners graphs and analytics that regard financial needs. While the app costs $30 a month, there's also a free version that allows operators to use basic functions of the app.

Payments both online and in-person
The incomes and expenses of small businesses can also be improved by the presence of apps, Top Tech News reported. Receiving payments, whether online or in-person, can make a big difference in small businesses' bank accounts.

Apps like Bigcommerce can allow users to know when their online websites log orders. Suppliers can be paid using PayPal. When it comes time to accept payments in person, a $10 investment in a Square card reader can give companies the ability to accept credit and debit card payments. These developments make it much easier to succeed when developing new business strategies.

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