Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is providing small businesses with convenient, cost-effective ways to communicate with clients and customers. The service allows free, crystal-clear calls, even over long distances. As the technology's ubiquity grows and companies look to augment their mobile volume, it will also be increasingly necessary to enhance monitoring to effectively limit potential problems.

There are a few factors involved in troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may arise within a VoIP connection. Having a system in place to address these setbacks will maintain small business employees' and customers' satisfaction.

Quality connections
Few things are more frustrating to a customer or embarrassing to a company than a bad connection – except perhaps a dropped call, says VoIP Monitoring Zone. Maintaining a clear, loud connection will build rapport with a client, expedite business and reflect positively on the customer service of a small business. This clarity must be achieved across clients, devices and channels – even one misstep can plant the seeds of doubt in a customer's mind.

Finding the source of the issue
Unfortunately, most VoIP problems arise and vanish without a trace, making it difficult to determine the cause of the trouble – and prevent it from happening again. Most engineers will troubleshoot by way of replicating the call or attempting to analyze the data via packet capture software. These methods can be tedious and often do not even result in a solution. Instead, No Jitters recommends enabling a few options from your VoIP provider. Call Detail Records – also called CMRs and CQEs – offer call statistics ranging from basics like time and duration all the way to advanced measures like latency and packet loss.

Putting a platform in place
Some companies provide systems to monitor and troubleshoot potential VoIP concerns before they become evident, thereby preventing them from disrupting a call. One provider, RADCOM, offers operators that will remotely oversee networks and step in if they see an glitch.

"Our ability to monitor Fixed and Mobile networks using the same solution is a major advantage for our customers; having a system in place means saving time and money for new VoIP deployments," RADCOM President Ronen Hovav told VoIP Monitoring Zone

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