The use of big data analytics in any business format has increased heavily in recent years, but expectations for the near future have shown even higher emphasis on its strengths in the near future in many business settings.

Forbes reports that a recent corporate whitepaper identified as many as 70 percent of IT decision makers claiming big data analytics will be a key priority in 2014 – that is, if it hasn't been made one already. With the massive amounts of data lying around in almost every business, waiting to be used to improve operations, management and customer satisfaction, only 12 percent of organizations are currently analyzing their data capabilities.

That's especially eye-opening when considering recent forecasts that predict the market is likely to only rise further in the near future. IDC recently found that the total size of overall data in the universe will double every two years, which means companies that are currently questioning how to use the technology have no time to lose in the near future. This is especially clear considering that only about 16 percent of respondents report using programs like Hadoop, which are specifically attuned to improve their practices, in their current activity.

Benefits of "Big Content"
One specific benefit that can help the development of big data in the modern business environment is the creation of "big content," according to Information Management. Putting all types of information under the specific, singular definition of "big data" is part of why business leaders may shy away from its adoption, as that may make it seem too imposing.

Instead, the development of "big content" can be a heavy, well-justified advantage of adopting the technology. The difference lies between finding improvements using data and combining that information with other improvements derived from additional information, such as customer feedback. Combining strong information with clear areas of improvement will make big data much easier to develop with sure-fire ways to see growth, Applying big data analytics to such information can have a directly beneficial effect, both in creating better big data strategies and improving everything from customer feedback to business perceptions in the market.

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