VoIP has long been an interesting prospect for many small businesses, but there are plenty of concerns that may be limiting some leaders' adoption of the technology. Two primary issues are the effects of using the Internet service on mobile phones that may not have local connections, and the prospects of boosting network security to take care of any intrusion efforts. New reports have found that it's becoming easier to cope with both of these problems.

VoIP-only mobile phones
GigaOM reported that one phone operator that only uses Internet connections recently announced a new update to its mobile phone technology that aims to do away with any wireless-related issues. TextNow's new software allows for those using it to swap seamlessly and simply from Wi-Fi to cellular data networks depending on where they are.

One of VoIP's most common complaints is that it can be difficult when trying to work with different types of data coverage, as switching between LTE, 3G and 1x phone speeds can lead to bad connections and dropped calls. This new feature makes it possible for operators to select the best overall wireless network available in their given location. If they need to be mobile during a call, for instance leaving an office and driving to another location, the phone will automatically switch from that Internet connection to the nearest optimal network.

This makes it easy for many companies to drop some aspects of their phone networks, helping them save money over time. While it may not be ideal for every business, a number of locations will likely be able to improve their current services by leaps and bounds.

Network protection made simple
Business Solutions Magazine found that the concerns over security in the VoIP market are somewhat overblown as well. There are simple strategies that can be used to protect networks supporting VoIP that can ease the process of adopting the technology.

One such method is to simply add a second streaming method to the usual router, allowing for the separation of voice and data traffic. This protects against the potential of voice-centric spam and malware. Other possibilities include adopting secure session Internet protocol and adopting firewalls that highlight the use of secure IPs.

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