What could you do with an extra set of arms? Heat vision would certainly make popping popcorn easier. And flying? Forget about it. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to bypass the morning commute?

Superpowers usually require radioactive waste or a bite from a genetically engineered arachnid, but thanks to VoIP technology, you don't have to go through the hassle of hunting down a mad scientist. Daring telecommunications equipment financing can suit you up with some of the latest and greatest workplace abilities. Unleash the VoIP hero in you!

"VoIP dramatically alters how – and the avenues through which – we communicate."

Telepathy and telekinesis
VoIP isn't just about making fancier phone calls, just like reading people's minds isn't about saving on your phone bill. This technology dramatically alters how – and the avenues through which – we communicate. It also opens business to a broader array of applications for telecommunications.

For example, as TechRepublic pointed out, VoIP can integrate directly into your security system. A guest can use a wall-mounted speaker to communicate directly with the individual he or she is visiting. From a personal phone, employees can not only check on visitors, but also unlock the front door from anywhere in the office. Bending spoons might be a handy party trick, but it doesn't have the potential to optimize your business like this.

What does the color green taste like? What does the sound of a police siren look like?

A person with synesthesia has the ability to perceive extrasensory information. You might be looking at the same moon, but synesthesiacs might also hear a Mozart opera or smell freshly baked bread.

While this might not necessarily sound like an advantage in the workplace, what if it meant you could read your voicemail messages? Certain VoIP services include voice-to-text dictation. You'll never have to find a quiet spot to check your voicemail ever again. Furthermore, crackling reception will never again stop you from receiving pertinent information. VoIP will let you read every sound and hear every written word. More importantly, you'll have a record of every voicemail message without overstuffing your inbox. You'll be able to scan through your automated dictations in a fraction of the time it would take to trudge though random voicemail messages searching for a single tidbit of data.

VoIP can give you all those powers you used to dream about... and more.VoIP can give you all those powers you used to dream about… and more.

Supersonic speed
International calling costs are a necessary evil for any growing business. Eventually, as a company succeeds it will need to branch out over borders and break bread with clients on other continents. But short of visiting in person for every little bit of information, the only option for a real-time conversation is the dreaded long distance phone call. Unless you can run at the speed of light, your budding business can be stuck footing the phone bill.

Not so with VoIP, says Small Business Trends. Computer-to-computer systems bypass the old communication paradigms by eliminating extraneous costs associated with distance. Everyone in the world is just a mouse click away. Reaching out won't cost you more than the price of installation and an Internet connection. Better still, VoIP will allow you to keep your original phone number. After all, every superhero needs an alter ego.

With that kind of power, just wait and see how fast your business can travel.

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