Cybersecurity is a serious concern for nearly everyone in this day and age. Businesses, government agencies and individual citizens all rely on Internet technology to hold everything from their payment information to minute personal details. This sensitive information can be valuable for computer hackers who buy and sell people's personal data to steal identities and gain secret insider information about businesses. 

IT teams work relentlessly to protect their clients from these threats. They invest in top-of-the-line technology, anti-malware software and virtual locking programs to keep attackers out of protected networks. Despite their best efforts, many computers and their users are left vulnerable to hackers. That's because some of the biggest holes in cybersecurity programs are unintentionally created by the users themselves. 

The danger of outdated technology 
According to Crowd Strike, one of the most common ways that people leave themselves vulnerable to cybersecurity threats is by not keeping their tech equipment updated. As new viruses and spyware applications are discovered, companies build patches that can block them from infecting other computers. Equipment and software programs that are behind on more than a couple of updates are missing out on these vital security patches. Many software programs come with support from the developers that can help solve security issues that arise, but these companies typically stop supporting outdated tech after new versions hit the market. 

Conducting business with outdated software leaves users vulnerable to data breaches. Conducting business with outdated software leaves users vulnerable to data breaches.

Comprehensive security plans are best
Another all too common problem in IT security occurs when users focus their secure tech plans on only some of their equipment. As Digital Guardian reported, all users, devices and applications on a network are interconnected. It doesn't do a user any good to have top-notch security locks on a business laptop in their home if they leave a personal tablet unsecured on the same Internet connection. The tablet may not be used for conducting sensitive business, but if it's using the same wireless connection to get online, hackers could potentially access all tech gadgets through just one weakness.

By securing all of their connected devices and keeping them up to date, tech users can help make their data more secure. 

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