While the financial benefits of adopting VoIP technology have been noted time and time again, it's just as important for businesses to make sure they have the right resources before they aim to delve into purchasing the service.

What you need to have
The Philadelphia Business Journal reported that to successfully put VoIP service into place in a business, it's necessary for a company to make sure it has the right resources to support the improvements. Initially, it's important to make sure current cabling meets expectations; in a best-case scenario companies should have Cat 5 cable outlets at each workstation and in all conference rooms. If this isn't currently available, the news source recommends having a third party complete the work.

It's also vital to consider the current strength of bandwidth at any given company. Hopefully, it would be possible to use Ethernet over Copper or cable Internet for the fastest connection achievable. If a business isn't prepared on that level, the news source warned that VoIP's affordability can plummet over time. Without proper Internet connections, it's not reasonable to expect quality voice communication.

Also necessary to look into is the number of phone lines that a company has. By watching how often a phone system is used, it's possible to tell exactly how strong a VoIP system needs to be to fully meet expectations and prevent strain on its Internet connection.

Boosting voice quality
One often-overlooked consideration in the VoIP market is that a business needs to ensure it retains high-quality voice work, as otherwise clients will not be able to communicate well with workers and overall quality of production may drop. NoJitter found that there are several ways companies can avoid issues with their quality of calls.

These include avoiding impairing or restricting VoIP via firewalls or any other network operation methods, as well as ensuring that network policies that impair or restrict VoIP's effectiveness are made clear over time. If possible, it's also a strong recommendation that developers design their apps to be port agile whenever available.

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