Small businesses are increasingly relying on email marketing in their practices to establish better audience interest. Making an early and effective connection in this manner can lead to long-term audience interest, but many operators report that they aren't succeeding in their attempts.

Easy to fall short
According to Newsday, a recent study from digital marketing firm Ciceron saw that as many as 77 percent of businesses fail to make good first impressions in their email marketing efforts. While that number has fallen slightly from last year's figure of 83 percent, it's still far too high when considering the importance that marketing can play in improving company efforts.

One of the most common errors the companies that reported failure experienced was that they failed to send a message within the first two days of a consumer signing up for emails. About 37 percent weren't able to immediately welcome consumers to their services, and only 45 percent sent out welcome emails. An immediate thank you note is recommended in this situation to ensure that potential customers know the business cares about them and welcomes their patronage.

It's also important to put a call to action into effect, where the audience can learn about information that may interest them. While that call can involve an upcoming sale in a retail setting or a link to relevant market content for industry-related businesses, it needs to be relevant and interesting, drawing customers further into trusting the business itself. Consistency is also key: emails should be formatted and released with regular and constant pieces of art and information to set a tone for the future.

Check demographic to time emails
Mashable noted that for many companies, establishing the right time to send out emails can vastly improve engagement. Depending on a specific industry and demographic, this time can connect perfectly with a market. For email subscribers over the age of 40, the peak time to send an email is between 8 a.m. and noon. However, because they often wake later, millennials and college students are easier to connect with if an email is sent between noon and 4 p.m.

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