As businesses have fully returned from the holidays and are striving to make 2014 a banner year for their services, many of them are looking at technology as a way forward for their efforts. However, there are particular aspects of tech that should be specifically explored, all of which can lead to success.

Mobile emphasis
According to USA Today, mobile phones are one of the most inescapable aspects of today's world. Citing a Harris survey, the news source found that nearly three-quarters of men and more than three-fifths of women check their phones at least hourly, while more than half of all Facebook users utilize mobile tech frequently. Considering that 61 percent of mobile searches end in phone calls, being approachable over the phone is a major step for any business looking to expand their means to take.

Content marketing
Even if a business isn't interested in content marketing, it's a sign of the times that the method and its associated technology are almost inescapable. Up to 93 percent of marketers use content marketing strategies today, according to Forbes, and that number increases every year. By developing a timed schedule of responses called a "content calendar," businesses can more easily get consistent quality content up on their websites almost daily.

Cloud technology
Many small businesses have found that they can increasingly compete in a big-business market these days by utilizing cloud computing technology. Software offerings and networking alike can improve most companies' tech capabilities, which can provide plenty of ability to save money while bolstering computing power and increasing competition in the overall market. Whether their applications or entire storage systems go up on the cloud, businesses are boosting their levels of funding and their time commitments in the process.

Production-based apps
In addition, there are plenty of apps on the market businesses can use to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, many of them free. For instance, Evernote allows for cameras, voice recorders and keyboards to be used in making notes and preparing information, while HootSuite makes the process of social media marketing easier by combining services and platforms on a single app. These means can notably boost production abilities.

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