Small businesses can struggle when it comes to competing in the market. Their budgets often pale in comparison to those of larger adversaries. But there are a few ways in which the smaller approach can directly lead to better marketing strategies and plans.

Email marketing
One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to compete in the marketing department, according to Business 2 Community, is for businesses to turn to email marketing. This strategy can often allow operators to gain a direct line of communication to current and future customers, and as such it's recommended that any and all marketing attempts are targeted specifically at this audience.

The best way to do so is to emphasize and focus on personalizing emails as much as possible. Even the smallest steps, like programming a simple script that personalizes each email to its specific recipient, can add to the appeal of doing business with a company.

Another key strategy that many people recommend is to work as much as possible to get a direct and measured response from any and all customers. Whether this means asking questions, providing links to new features on company websites or even incentivizing email posts with exclusive sales or gifts, it will make sure you see results over time.

Content marketing
Less common among small businesses, but a very effective way to gain new insight and market share, is for companies to develop a content marketing strategy, Search Engine Watch reported. This means that they should work on search engine-friendly articles and content for their websites that can help them rise in Google rankings and similar factors.

Developing content for this purpose is easier than expected, especially if a company's website is easy to edit and change. There are businesses that can provide the service, but owners and employees can do it themselves, too. Simply following industry trends or what's hot on social media can often be enough when it comes to finding ways to develop content. Writing articles that are relevant to a business and have popular search terms will likely lead to improved visibility in search engines.

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