Most small business owners likely have at least one social media account through which they market their wares. Facebook gives access to a widespread audience base, many of whom will to "like" a page, and Twitter allows for short and sweet marketing abilities. A relatively up-and-coming social media site, Instagram, may be one of the best ways yet to reach modern markets.

Instagram can show immediate visual results
The Associated Press reported that for many small businesses, especially those that excel in visual flair or creativity, Instagram is the way to go for advertising and marketing developments. One salon that specializes in hair extensions, for instance, has been able to draw $10,000 in sales because of a single Instagram post, the news source found. Prospective customers who saw a specific post on the company's page, where a co-owner posted a picture of herself wearing long black and orange hair extensions, have continued to call the company asking for appointments.

Specific small businesses that can benefit from using the service range from restaurants to clothing stores, though any place that sells photo-friendly items will likely see similar success. Instagram now reaches more than 200 million users worldwide, many of them young people whom businesses focus on in their sales attempts. What's more, posts on the page can be automatically shared on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The website also makes it easy to communicate with customers and even have them help out with their advertising needs. Some companies have reposted their customers' photos and rave reviews, while others can directly connect with people who use certain hashtags in their posts.

Better using the service
There are several additional ways businesses can garner better results using Instagram, The Sacramento Bee found. These include telling a story through a series of photographs, such as the process of baking a cake or designing a piece of clothing. Another popular method is simply to connect with users. As the number of patrons on a service grows, more customers will be drawn to it. Answering any questions will build both a reputation for honesty and a connection with these shoppers.

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