Most small businesses, when they're focusing on the near future of their technological improvements, often think of these changes as being simple, like improving their Internet service or using social media to better market themselves. However, there's a new business sector, predicted to possibly be worth trillions of dollars, that these companies should look toward so they can get ahead of the curve.

Internet of Things is already here
According to Fast Company, the so-called Internet of Things isn't even a concept of the future. Instead, it's already being seen currently, with many companies benefiting from its existence. The news source said the future growth of the IoT will be massive, and its potential effects can be seen in areas like downtown Boston.

One example comes from the Rose Kennedy Greenway, which features a new type of park bench called the Soofa that collects solar energy and allows users to charge their phones using those power reserves. In addition, the benches collect information about air quality and noise pollution at these locations, which can be used in the future to determine which areas of the city may be cleaner versus more polluted.

The great thing about the Internet of Things is that its various improvements and advances can have various effects, all of which can be beneficial for users in multiple ways. Another instance of its usefulness can be seen with BigBelly Solar trash cans around the Boston Area. These waste bins are able to track their own fullness levels and notify sanitation workers when they're full, making trash pickup much more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Only expected to grow
Small businesses should focus on upgrading their means now in preparation for the near future, The Wall Street Journal reported. Smart watches are only the beginning, as sectors like energy and transportation will soon work to improve the possibilities of the technology. Citing Wired, the news source reported that 17 percent of software developers are already working on IoT improvements, with another 23 percent starting such a plan by the end of the year. Getting ready now will be a big boon for companies that want to future-proof themselves.

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