As communication technology continues to grow and reshape nearly every aspect of Americans' business and personal lives, tech companies are working hard to keep up with consumer demands and churn out innovative ways to meet their needs.

One of the biggest issues that online tech faces is customer desire for faster, more reliable connections. As communication businesses work to improve connection rates, IT professionals across the board must be prepared to upgrade their equipment and services. 

"Tech companies will be required to make equipment upgrades."

The coming advent of 5G
Over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly impatient with slower internet and data speeds, prompting companies to compete to give the most consistent, quick service on the market. Currently, the fastest connection speed on the market is a fourth-generation, or 4G, network, which was evolved to replace the previous network model, 3G. Companies are looking to the future, however, to improve these mobile services even further by developing a new 5G program that will allow consumers to access digital information faster than ever before.

Commercial development for the new 5G networks, which will present an even greater drive for network updates, will likely begin in 2017, according to The source states that as of 2015, 4G networks only account for little more than 13 percent of mobile connections, though over the next four years it is expected to rise to 40.5 percent. The outdated 2G networks currently have the biggest share of the market, due in large part to consumers and businesses needed to upgrade equipment to meet the requirements to use faster connections.

Companies must prepare to upgrade their systems and equipment
According to InfoWorld, the new 5G data speeds won't be on the market until 2020, which means that companies are trying to improve the speeds of the existing 3G and 4G networks to meet customer needs in the meantime. Tech companies will be required to make equipment upgrades to keep up with these new data changes, as many new devices may not be equipped to operate the network updates.

Rather than replace existing cell towers, some companies are working to create new software that will allow equipment to adapt to the new network changes. Some sites, however, are still only operating on 2G technology, and will require further developments to make them 5G-ready. 

While many consumers will want to upgrade to take advantage of new connection speeds for the convenience of it, IT and tech industry leaders will need to upgrade their equipment to keep their businesses running. For tech companies to stay relevant, they need to remain on the cutting edge of the latest technology and all that it is capable of. 

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