In recent years, mobile technology has gone from an expensive quasi-novelty to a bona​ fide part of everyday life. Its uses can go even further in the modern small business market, however. Many companies may find new levels of success if they invest in its far-reaching power.

Instrumental in improving customer, employee happiness
According to Sage North America's second annual mobile device survey, which asked nearly 1,100 small and mid​-sized businesses about their use of cell phone and smartphone technology, the benefits of its uses became clear. While 70 percent of companies have seen visible improvement in customer service feedback, at 70 percent, there were plenty of additional benefits.

Among the best benefits was that companies found new ways to conduct remote meetings, cutting down on travel and time costs and giving employees newfound autonomy in their personal lives. One in every five companies was able to see new levels of production from these remote meetings, while more than 60 percent of employees were able to work from home. Another 28 percent found new opportunities to be more productive in the field – such as meeting with clients – with another 15 percent finding other options.

No matter the specific type of technology used, businesses feel it has a positive overall effect on productivity. Computers, laptops and smartphones are thought of highly by more than two-thirds of all companies. Tablets are less popular but still met nearly half of all respondents' expectations.

Energy changes in the future too
The Financial Times added that there's a second way mobile technology is rapidly changing expectations as well. With smart grids, meters and home appliances able to connect to mobile technology, it's easy for companies to drastically reduce their spending.

One key example comes from Google's recent purchase of Nest Labs. Nest releases products that allow users to change their thermostat temperatures using a simple app.

Apple is also working on new solutions, as is Samsung. The iPhone maker plans on turning its phones into remote controls for lights and security systems, while the producer of Galaxy phones and tablets recently unveiled a line of appliances and televisions that can be controlled by phone or watch.

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