Small businesses everywhere are likely searching for new avenues of technology that can save them both time and money. One way they can achieve large leaps in both revenue and time effectiveness comes from mobile technology, though there are a number of additional methods that can improve their means as well.

Mobile tech can save billions
In the average year, mobile technology has been said to save many small business owners billions of dollars in total, according to a recent AT&T and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council survey. As much as a collective $67.5 billion per year can be retained in the business environment due to the advantages that mobile applications, tablets and smartphones can provide.

Smartphones are said to have the largest leaps in effectiveness. Their features often include multitasking and on-the-go functionality, which can lead to up to 1.25 billion hours saved, and $32.3 billion dollars kept in-pocket compared to other practices. Tablets can save another 754.2 million hours per year, while specific apps are responsible for $15.6 billion in improved time management functionalities.

What's more, the time that owners are saving from utilizing these resources isn't going toward periods of rest. Instead, the survey revealed many are taking that time and pouring it back into their businesses, all the better to grow sales, improve customer communication and further research their industries to be more aware of growing trends.

The main advantages of the technology are clear. Mobile applications save more than 90 percent of operators' time by helping them with operations, with 66 percent saying they save money thanks to improved practices.

Work left to be done
With the advantages of mobile apps having been said, there are a variety of issues in modern technology that may drive further interest in technology. Business 2 Community highlighted many of these issues, which range from less than 5 percent of business websites being optimized for mobile use to 50 percent of online sales being lost because their shoppers can't find content on the company in question's website. As such, focusing on an overarching strategy when trying to implement these new changes will be a good course of action for almost any business.

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