The technology that small businesses put into place in their daily practices can make a huge difference when it comes to saving time and money. However, there's a pervading trend taking place throughout the country that can help these businesses draw more interest from consumers as well as improve their bottom lines.

Green technology on the rise
Sustainability and green technology have seen a new level of interest and resurgence in the past few years, according to Forbes, and it's becoming easier than ever for small businesses to adopt these practices. By doing so, they can help save the environment, keep money in their pockets and impress their potential clients.

Some of the ways they can do so involve simply getting in touch with green partners. Many IT vendors now build green server and storage systems as well as solar-powered equipment that can cost pennies on the dollar compared to traditional services.

Another simple way to improve use of green services is to work with companies that have strengthened their shipping and similar services. Ordering from Dell is one way to do so – the news source noted that the company has doubled its use of green technology during manufacturing, switched to padded envelopes to drastically reduce shipment weights, and built monitors and desktops using recycled plastics. When in doubt, companies can simply shop green.

Improving resource efficiency
Business Green Plus reported that some businesses are developing new ways to improve resource efficiency, which can also cut down on energy consumption. One such project has involved the placement of resource efficiency managers across manufacturing businesses, where their information and insights can help small businesses learn new ways to control their uses of energy as a whole.

Over time, these developments will help small businesses change the ways in which they use their resources, which should allow for improved strategies and cost savings over time. In turn, these improvements will likely lead to improved competitiveness in the market, with significant leaps and bounds in the long-term use of energy consumption. Being able to harness these changes should lead to major improvements in business effectiveness over time.

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