For businesses looking to cut costs or improve efficiency, VoIP services should be one of their first areas of research. The technology uses Internet connections instead of normal phone lines to make phone and video calls, making phone service redundant in some instances. VoIP isn't limited to strict phone services, however. A number of new apps on the market can provide even better services.

Skype, Viber offer new possibilities
According to The Fuse Joplin, businesses that want to outfit their employees with mobile calling apps or desktop apps, which can provide them with free phone calls if they're traveling for the company, can turn to new VoIP apps. Skype is the classic standby in the VoIP world. Having been on the market for nearly a decade, the technology is simple to use and easy to connect and communicate with, especially for video calling.

However, Skype isn't the only option. Especially useful when going overseas is Viber, which also makes phone calls person-to-person using Wi-Fi. Viber is linked to a unique mobile number, allowing recipients to see results they'll recognize. In addition, Viber has been said to offer more competitive rates and help users make calls in a number of different locations. It can even seamlessly sync mobile contacts and offers texting and messaging capabilities.

WhatsApp has unique features
CultureMob added that recent growth in the market has also allowed for new levels of growth for fledgling apps. WhatsApp, for instance, was recently sold to Facebook for a reported $19 billion dollars. Originally starting as an instant messaging app in 2009, WhatsApp now has more than 400 million registered users and has been said to give tough competition to some of the most popular IM platforms in the market, like GChat.

This makes it good for both calling and texting, meaning whether users will be calling clients on the road or messaging their coworkers in the office, WhatsApp is a good investment. The app also uses contact details from a phone's address book and adapts a user's specific mobile number like Viber. Any calls made will be easily identifiable and relatable for any and all users.

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