It's no secret that small businesses can sometimes struggle to compete in the modern market against major corporations, but there are tools at their disposal to help them fight back. The smaller size of their market emphasis helps them reach a better market, and there are marketing strategies to allow them to further capitalize on that fact.

Small means better connections
While major corporations can blanket the land with advertisements galore, their smaller competitors have one factor to help turn the tide. Local markets are often better approached by small businesses because of their personal touches, which help to create a stronger overall market and turn their shoppers from mere customers to word-of-mouth advocates, according to Business Insider.

Highlighting this point in marketing strategies can help these businesses have a better marketing advantage as such, because they highlight the personal stakes in each customer relationship and build upon them as a result. This means that loyal customers will remain such even if the business expands. In contrast, when large corporations try to connect with their markets, it's clear that their efforts will ring somewhat hollow, further giving smaller competitors more of an advantage.

Digital steps to follow and avoid
With this knowledge, certain steps in the marketing approach, specifically those which pertain to social media and digital avenues, can improve the approach of almost any small business. There are strategies that will be more and less effective in the long term, and determining which ones to follow will help them develop better opportunities for growth.

Fox Business reported that it's important to keep an eye on how often social media posts go up, as one example. While it can be alluring to use any and all consumer information related to how they connect with each post, it's important to not overload their use. Posting once an hour will only stuff customers' media pages, and many customers may unfollow​ a company's social media channel as a result. Keeping things light and targeted toward your specific audience will be a better strategy.

It's also important to emphasize mobile users in the process, as they will often otherwise find it difficult to click on links and respond positively to advertisements. Experimenting with mobile or hybrid options, such as a dedicated app or a new website page design, might be an effective answer to this problem.

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