Security equipment, specifically cameras, has grown in its technological prowess and abilities in recent years. New forms of cameras are expected to go further, making it easier and more affordable to access video from almost anywhere.

Internet access
According to VentureBeat, there are newfound efforts to connect security equipment to the cloud for easier access to video feeds. On top of Google's acquisition of Dropcam in recent days, a second company, Eagle Eye Networks, is working to make the connections even easier, creating add-on software that can be used in conjunction with more than 100 different camera models.

This effort has been said to focus specifically on the needs of small businesses, as they will likely already have some form of camera system set up on their premises. That comes as the video surveillance market is growing quickly, in some cases as fast as 20 to 30 percent annually, the news source said.

"The opportunity is video surveillance cameras connected to cloud — taking the video server out of the back closet and putting it in the back pocket," Eagle Eye president and chief executive Dean Drako told VentureBeat.

Eagle Eye hopes that its efforts will help companies monitor more than just safety and loss prevention. The news source added that the company hopes to make it easier for companies to monitor employee performance, customer service, traffic flow throughout stores and potentially even more.

Affordable options
In other cases, businesses may not have large security budgets, which is where the inexpensive camera model Blink comes into play. TechCrunch reported that the security camera, which is currently crowd-sourcing funding on Kickstarter, is not only less expensive than competitors. When it reaches full funding its cameras will cost less than $70 to start, but it has additional improvements as well.

For one, Blink offers a battery life of more than a year. This is because it only captures information that's directly relevant to a company's needs – it senses five-second snippets of information instead of using always-on recording, perfect for secluded yet important areas of a business. The camera itself also has Wi-Fi, which allows for it to stream video directly to a live app. Local storage may soon be put into place, but the cloud storage offered by the company is free, adding to its impressive features.

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