Small businesses are increasingly focusing on improving their technological means in a number of ways, often adding new features and functionalities like mobile devices to their practices. However, there's an important aspect of the tech market that too many glance over in their attempts at bolstering their virtual abilities.

Security means lacking
In an article for The Huffington Post, Joe Ross, the president and co-founder of security firm CSID, wrote that modern small businesses are aware of the potential risks that malware and other cyberattacks can potentially cause, but too many do too little to protect against these vulnerabilities. A recent survey conducted by the company found that nearly a third of small businesses haven't done anything to counteract security threats. This group hasn't made moves despite 63 percent of all business owners expressing worry about malware, 38 percent concerned about phishing and 41 percent aware of issues that can arise from human error.

While this isn't unexpected, many small businesses are also having trouble finding ways to take care of these issues. Only about 22 percent of them expect to increase their budgets for these measures. That's compared to 15 percent of companies surveyed in 2013, which shows improvement, but also finds those figures are still notably low when it comes to protection concerns.

More important than ever
This comes in light of more important information, according to the latest Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec. Recent studies of different businesses being attacked found that instead of targeting large corporations, hackers are increasingly turning their sights to small businesses. About 30 percent of phishing attacks are aimed specifically at these companies, and the odds that one will be attacked is just one out of every 5.2 companies.

The percentage has been growing, too. In 2011, only 18 percent of businesses with fewer than 250 employees were targeted in a phishing attack, meaning that in just two years, these numbers have leapt by double digits.

There are several strategies that small businesses can take when it comes to covering their tracks digitally. Symantec recommended developing new education strategies to prevent employees from potentially falling for phishing attacks. Antiviruses, network monitoring, encryption and SSL protection can all work together to further improve security.

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