In the world of small business, it can be difficult for many leaders to warrant making capital investments, especially if their budgets are tight. However, a number of potential purchases can do more than just make their daily lives easier by helping develop new forms of revenue.

Improvements include video conferencing, mobile payment 
According to Fox Business, there are a number of different resources that small businesses can use to their benefit, many of which are inexpensive or even free. One example comes from Google. Google Helpouts are just the latest aspect of the expanding Google product line. Helpouts are used to provide entrepreneurs with a direct video conferencing line to a number of experts in specific business approaches. Whether a business leader wants help with blog design or marketing strategy, they'll be able to connect to an expert.

Another piece of equipment can help businesses better accept purchases. By purchasing the inexpensive Square Wallet add-on, any business owning a tablet or smartphone can automatically start accepting credit and debit cards for any sales made to users. While there's a small fee for using it, business owners will no longer need to accept only cash, meaning they can appeal to a wider market in the process.

Updating computers can pay off
In many cases, business owners may be operating using technology that can be as old as a decade. They won't be likely to spend money on expensive updates to their systems because of worry about expenses, but at the same time their reluctance to move can harm their business viability.

Dell's Tech Page One notes that when a business waits to update computers, it can actually put itself at more risk than otherwise expected. If a network goes down, which will only be more likely the older the system, it will be more difficult to fix outdated problems and get hardware back online.

As a result, proactively making updates to a system is likely the best choice for most companies to make. This becomes only more notable in the upcoming end of support for Windows XP on April 8. Any company running XP-based technology after that date will be more susceptible to attacks on their network, which could cause catastrophic damage to their bottom line.

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