Small business marketing efforts are always transforming, as owners everywhere seek new ways to get the word out about their latest efforts. If done correctly, social media can be at the apex of this transformation, and new strategies that harness the Internet are perfect for many business leaders.

According to Business News Daily, there are new approaches to social media gaining strength as the 2014 business year continues to hit its stride. For instance, many businesses are adopting the tool HootSuite in their efforts. This program is a management dashboard that helps businesses arrange, manage and simplify their social media marketing efforts. Not only can users analyze their traffic, measure results of different campaigns and schedule messages and posts, but they can also see results from more than 30 report modules that track everything from top content to likes and shares.

Another program that businesses are approaching is called Offerpop, a social media marketing platform that weaves layers of advertising into one specific campaign. Businesses can turn email marketing and paid advertising into complements for social media using Offerpop, creating everything from campaigns and promotions to "social data" that tracks output to better optimize results.

Plenty of options
The news source lists eight additional services that have features including social media customer contact, new ways to set up awards and discounts and development of viral content. However, these new possibilities are nowhere near the only ways that a business can benefit from a newfound approach to their social media marketing.

The Charlottesville Daily Progress adds that many businesses can take their already-existing social media efforts – 75 percent of small business have some form of social media representation – and use it in conjunction with email marketing, which remains a strong channel. Businesses can return as much as $40 for every dollar spent on email marketing, the news source found.

By posting content and links directly through social media channels, not only can businesses expand their email signups, but they can also receive more important marketing efforts from customer word of mouth. As long as the content catches shoppers' eyes, this connection can provide a major service.

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